Artist's Statement

I work in series exploring an idea, and then moving on to a new idea, and thus a new series.

For many years, my “American Icon Series” worked in the tradition of sculptural assemblage. In so doing, I collected, combined, reshaped, and reassembled America’s castoffs – creating 3/D wall reliefs, and freestanding sculptures by reconstituting the materials from which these long-abandoned objects were made. I worked to achieve new and vital forms from which a unique and artistic prospective was realized. In giving a visceral feel to America’s industrial detritus I am in essence a forager striving to create an alternate reality.

My latest series “messages” has the feel of 3/Dimension, but is worked on paper, with pen and India ink, combining poetry/multiple drawings/and collage. The poems are combined with the images that the world confronts us with, to create a universal statement.

Commenting on Turner’s work, Philadelphia art critic, Dr. Burton Wasserman, writes: The essence of Turner’s magic consists in the way she makes apparently inert material vibrate from within with incredible energies. Phiadelphia Inquirer art critic, Victoria Donohoe, writes: Turner weaves together the formal elements of design with skill and assurance … what you see in a deeply felt and expressive art informed by the subjective, the archaic, and the spiritual.